What was I thinking

So there I was at my local bike shop, explaining I was going to ride the prestigious Brompton World Championships in London. That, my participation in this cult competition, was the main reason why I was about to purchase an expensive – yet well worth it’s price – folding bike.

There and then at the bike shop, many might have reconsidered. Surely this wasn’t a well thought out plan but just another spur of the moment thing. A crazy idea like I’ve had millions of times. It definitely was crazy. Participating in a World Championship without any prior experience, with several well-trained athletes as competitors, while I could only describe myself as a couch potato. Seriously, who does that? Well, that someone would be me.

In hind side, looking back at 2016, buying a Brompton might have been the best thought out plan I’ve had all year and I’m going to tell you why.

Obviously I wasn’t going to win the BWC, but right as rain I was not going to be the last one crossing the finish line either. So I started training. Not that I had the faintest idea of what I was doing. I was cycling like a madman and I was more than happy with that. One thing I did do though, was getting myself checked by a sports doctor. At age 39, it just seemed like a good idea!

As time went by, I read up on how I ‘should’ train and thus altered and improved my training methods. Regular training in combination with a healthier diet – I banned chocolate bars as a snack and sandwiches for lunch – made me lose about 10 kilograms in a mere 3 months’ time. And I wasn’t even fat. Maybe a bit puffy here and there. Anyway, after fooling myself for several years that I’d go to the gym and work out – it never happened – all it took was a Brompton and a crazy idea to embrace a healthier lifestyle. So cheers to that.

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