Billy the Brompton

As stated in a previous post, it’s not all that easy to choose the Brompton that suits you best. Since I wanted to ride the Brompton World Championships, a model fit for racing would have been the obvious choice. But there were other things to consider besides that one crazy idea, such as weight, comfort, gearing, mudguards and a rear carrier or not.

When testing different types of Bromptons, the M type in combination with an extended seat post seemed to do the trick for me. However Flanders – the Flemish speaking part of Belgium where I live – is mainly flat, I opted for six gears. Don’t really know why, but six gears it was. The rear carrier I chose for stability rather than carrying stuff. If Billy the Brompton – as my bike was to be baptized – was going to ‘live’ in the house, I definitely wouldn’t want him to bump into the walls. Icing on the cake was the nifty Brooks seat, ’cause I simply love Brooks.

Meet Billy the Brompton, permanent resident of Casa Coolinary

So there he is my M6R that officially goes by the name of Billy the Brompton. Believe you me, I’ve tried a wide range of color combinations, but in the end basic black still remains timeless. Up until this moment, I’ve not regretted my purchase.


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