2017 summer plans: cycling from Belgium to Copenhagen…

This summer, team Small Wheels Big Adventures plans to cycle from our hometown Turnhout in Belgium, all the way to Oslo in Norway. How on earth did this happen?

Now I might have had my fair share of crazy, not to say ridiculous ideas in the past, actually executing them often is something else. So when I was checking the distance to Santiago de Compostella (+/- 2.000 km), this was nothing more than me being foolish. I did the math and it would take me 16 days if I were to cycle 125 km a day. As if I was actually going to cycle that far, completely inexperienced as I am…

Cue to my better half who walked into the room, had a quick look at the screen and said “cool, can I come with?”. Say what?! It was agreed upon that Compostella was way out of the ‘novice-Brompton-riders-league’ we were pedaling in. But since Ann was definitely keen on the idea of a summer cycling holiday, I blurted out that we could Brompton our way to Copenhagen. And that ladies and gentleman, is actually all it takes in the Small Wheels household to decide how the next summer holiday will be spent.

Copenhagen or Oslo, what’s it going to be?

I tried to google map myself an attractive ride to Copenhagen, taking following things into account:

  • An average distance of 100 km per day
  • Points of interest at the end of each ride
  • Possibility to camp or find a hotel
  • Occasional day(s) off

Here’s what I came up with for starters.

Draft of the first leg of our summer cycle trip

So the plan as it is at this very moment (subject to change)

  • The first three days will take us from our hometown all the way up to Groningen in the far north of Holland.
  • Upon arrival we would like to take the bus to Bremen, to continue our ride to Hamburg where we plan to stay a day or two.
  • From Hamburg it’s straight to Travemunde where a night ferry (moving while sleeping is always a good plan) will take us to Malmö.
  • Here we will spend another night before taking the train to Europes bicycle capital n° 1 Copenhagen.

The beauty of travelling with a Brompton, is that you can fold it up whenever needed, and make full use of alternative methods of transport. Our plan is to do exactly that and take the bikes on a car, bus, train, ferry and airplane.

And since we agree that taking the bus, ferry and train to get to Copenhagen feels a bit like cheating, we decided not to stop just there but go north a bit more. To be continued!

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