Wearing a bicycle helmet or not?

A week after I picked up Billy the Brompton at the shop, I decided that with the upcoming World Championship in mind, it was a good idea to ride the bike home after a festival. Even at night ten kilometers shouldn’t be a problem and added bonus, at 1.30h in the morning, there’s zero traffic.

Believe you me, it is never a good idea to go ‘training’ at night, especially when you’re not yet fully used to the compact steering of a Brompton. After a couple of kilometers, an unexpected bend (in what I assumed to be a straight road) made me dive head first to the curb. It must have been the sudden rush of adrenalin, but I was on the bike again in no time.

While riding I reached for my head to wipe away the rain, only to realize that I not only lost my glasses at the fall, it turned out my head was also seriously bleeding.

From that point on I wasn’t really thinking clear anymore. I couldn’t reach Ann, but never had it crossed my mind to try and contact somebody else. And with some 7 more kilometers to ride while blood was ‘gushing’ from my head, my glasses were the least of my worries. When I eventually got home, Ann rushed me to the hospital (after getting most of the blood of me) to get my head fixed.

The outcome? Six stitches and two bruised ribs. Nope, training at night is never a good idea, that much I can tell you now. Ann insisted I bought myself a helmet, something that is also obligatory at the Brompton competitions. Even with six stitches in noggin I knew it was something that had to be done.

So whenever I go ‘racing’, I now wear my elegant yet cool Brooks Carrera helmet. It’s black and it’s foldable just like my bike, what more do you want?

If you are interested in purchasing a similar helmet, Brooks now has a special offer which according to team Small Wheels Big Adventures is highly recommended.

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