What to wear on your Brompton?

Those of you familiar with the Brompton World Championship competition know they have a strict ‘no lycra’ rule. What’s more, a dressed jacket, vest and tie are obligatory, how fancy is that. From the waist down, you wear whatever you want, as long as it isn’t lycra. But what do you wear on a daily basis when you are out and about on your B?

Whatever I wear all depends on the occasion. When I hit the town I will most likely be wearing my regular casual apparel. When going on full-fledged sprinting sessions however, I prefer cycling kit and yes, that often means lycra. At first I was afraid it might look weird – which in all honesty it does – but since I regularly overtake pro-looking-cyclists, I kinda think it’s cool.

Last week the sun was finally out so I thought I’d officially kick of season 2017. With temperatures still near freezing point I had to find a nice balance between sporty, warm and comfortable. Here’s what I came up with!

Going clockwise from the top left corner, here’s what we have:

  • A pair of fingerless cycling gloves (so I can easily use my iPhone)
  • My Brooks Carrera Classic helmet
  • A pair of fancy white Vans with a zipper & laces
  • a buff
  • H&M Skinny jeans, a cool  urban substitute for long cycling pants
  • A short sleeved cycling jersey
  • La Machine cycling socks
  • Gore Bike Wear arm warmers
  • La Machine sweater
  • There was no use for the pictured windbreaker


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