BWC 17, registration open!

Four more days, that’s exactly how long you have to register for the Brompton World Championship Final in London this summer. On Monday 6 February at 17:00 h the ballot closes (earlier if 1.500 registrants are reached) so go ahead if you want to be part of this wacky, yet über cool event.

If you haven’t got any plans on Saturday 29 July, why not register? If you’re a bit of a Brompton fanatic, you’ll absolutely love this race. Think about it, some 550 Bromptoneers in proper attire riding laps while Buckingham Palace casts its monumental shade (*) on the track… absolutely bonkers.

Now you might consider yourself to be the next World Champ, I know I always do. The truth however is that the leaders of the pack are insanely well-trained, so keeping up with them for a lap or two should already be considered as an achievement. And if you’re lucky, you don’t get lapped.

But first things first, you need to get drafted – we’re crossing our fingers so hard it starts to hurt – and if ‘you’re in‘ , here’s a few words from us to you:

Dream big, aim high,
ride fast & enjoy the moment

Team Small Wheels

And don’t just sit around, anxiously counting the days until Brompton releases the list of the lucky riders, get some training done. Or go shopping for a nice suit. You’ll need one if you want to look your sharpest.

* Monumental shade of Buckinham Palace depends on the position of the sun at the time of the event and cannot be guaranteed.

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