Copenhagen Oslo by bike

In a previous post (read here) we talked about our plans to cycle all the way from our hometown Turnhout (Belgium) to Copenhagen in Denmark. A bold plan to say the least, but the fact that there’s a coach, a ferry and a train involved to reach our destination, just seems to make our glorious efforts a little less admirable, no? Well, leave it up to us to step up our game.

I know this is going to bite me in the proverbial buttocks after having spent +1000 km in the saddle , but I just can’t help being a person that likes to push things to the limit. We could have settled for Gothenburg but no, being so close to the Norwegian border I wanted to add another country to our list. The final destination for our summer cycling trip? Oslo, can you believe it!

In order to make up for ‘the stolen kilometers’, somebody – it might have been me – came up with the idea to alter the city where to end our trip. So Copenhagen no longer is the final destination, but the city that connects the two legs of our trip. Let’s go north!

Team Small Wheels

Contrary to the first leg of our trip where most of the cities for the overnight stops are carefully chosen, we have yet to decide our exact route. The ‘allemansrätten’ or freedom to roam definitely appeals to me, but that would also mean taking along a tent and other camping gear. Aargh, decisions, decisions… we’ll let you know what’s it going to be as soon as we made up our minds. In the meantime, tips for the Swedish West Coast are more than welcome.

Second leg of our trip: Copenhagen – Oslo

Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Sweden, Norway,…  it definitely sounds like a damn fine tour. This being our first ever cycling tour, we actually have no idea what to expect. We’ll take it as it comes but one thing goes without saying, in the end we’ll have quite a story to tell!


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