Ready, set, fold!

Last October at the BWC in Vienna, I thought I’d give the ‘Fastest Fold Competition’ a go at the Brompton stand. When I completed the fold with the demo bike –fairly swift I might add – I was told it was the sharpest time so far. That I was the first competitor to participate explained a lot I guess.

When the finalists were announced after the race, it came as no surprise that I wasn’t among the five fastest folders of the flock. It turned out that fairly swift just wasn’t fast enough.

In three suspense driven rounds the final 5 gave it their utmost in order to eliminate the slowest participant, until there were only two finalists left. I watched them fold their bikes round after round and one thing was certain, the man in the white shorts – Czech Champion Ivo Petrous – definitely was the absolute favorite to win this fun side competition. And man he did not disappoint, as you can tell from this video.

If you’re participating in one of this year’s BWC races and you want to up your chances to win a prize? Join the fast fold bonanza! Watch this video a couple of times, take lessons from the master and try to beat his time. It’s not going to be easy, but if you were to succeed, consider yourself as a potential fast fold champion. Ready, set, fold!

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