BWC Barcelona, 22 April 2017

Oh how I absolutely adore Barcelona. I guess it’s the perfect mix of the bustling city life, the mild climate, its sandy beaches, monumental architecture and abundance of parks that appeals to me. And the food and drinks of course. Definitely the food and drinks!

In total, I think I’ve been to Barcelona eight or nine times now. Any excuse – be it a concert, a fancy restaurant reservation, a weekend off, or a planned trip with friends / family / colleagues – was good enough to head over to the Catalan capital. When Brompton announced when the 2017 World Championship race in Barcelona would be held – 22nd of April – the question was not if I would go, but for how long.


Given the fact that the race will take place on an actual Formula 1 circuit – really, how cool is that? – this definitely is a race not to miss out on. So from Thursday 20th until Sunday 23rd of April, this boy will be cruising the Barcelonese streets with his badass Brompton.

With a day or two to spare, maybe we should do a tour around the city with a bunch of Brompton aficionados. I’m thinking something in the likes of a ‘Tapas & Ride’ tour. Should be fun!

Interested in joining #teamsmallwheels for this race, let us know. There are three vacant slots that need to be filled!

Here’s a little bit of history for the kids. In 2006 the first ever Brompton World Championship took place in Barcelona. Due to its success, it was exported to various cities around the world, making it the highlight of the year for many Bromptoneers.

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