Spurcycle water bottles

How many water bottles – bidons if you please – does one really need? I use one bottle for under 20K rides and two for plus 20K rides. Now let me rephrase that question. How many ‘different’ water bottles does one really need?

For quite some time, the two off brand – yet surprisingly slick – black bottles I bought at our local Decathlon did the trick for me. One for regular water, one for the obligatory sports drink. Hydration is key, you know.

While passing the Tokyobike shop in Shoreditch on my way to the BWC Finals last summer, I caught a glimpse of something colorful through the corners of my eyes and it wasn’t a bicycle. Presenting the Spurcycle water bottles!

These water bottles definitely are the coolest you’ve ever seen, right? For a foodie like myself it wasn’t easy not to buy these mustard and ketchup themed water bottles on the spot. Since I already had two water bottles however, there was no need to buy two new ones. Well, that idea didn’t last longer than a day. Thank jebus the shop was open on a Sunday!

The next time you see me racing my Brompton, you most definitely ‘must go hard’ if you want to ‘catch up’.

Sid Frisjes

Turns out there’s a third salsa themed bottle by the same company, a hellish green one with a ‘Relish your ride’ print. Now I’m not that big on relish nor am I fond of mustard for that matter – how’s that for a foodie nono – the collector within feels a sudden urge to complete the collection. When it comes to pointers for gifts, I’m just not that subtle.

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