Get a grip

You’ve got to hand it to the Brompton design team, the modifications – big and small – they have come up with for the 2017 models are top notch.


For starters, they’ve changed the handlebars, giving them a more modern look. The altered handlebar rise allows for long grips, which in the end means more comfort. Everybody likes more comfort, right?

Gear Shifters

What has also been changed – or rather completely redesigned – are the gear shifters which now integrate the brake lever and brass bell in one nifty apparatus. The brake lever integration obviously means the gear shifters are no longer to be found on top of the handlebar. Something to get used to, but believe you me, shifting gears has never felt smoother or more natural.

Lock on grips

Long gone are the days that you needed a box cutter and sand paper in order to change the standard glued on Brompton grips. All 2017 models have ‘lock on grips’, which means that a simple allen or hex key allows you to change the grips. And that’s exactly what I did!

Since I often have a sore left wrist – office work, it’s not for everybody – I thought I gave the highly praised Ergon Grips a go. I can assure you, changing the grips of a 2017 model is indeed as easy as it gets. I think it took me less than 5 minutes to change the standard grips tot the new Ergon GP3 grips.

Ergon GP3 Grips


Unless someone is offering me a M6R – wink wink – I’ll be riding Black Betty, my S3L racing Brompton from Belgium to Norway this summer. So I’ll most likely buy myself some GP5 bar ends to change my riding position every now and then.


  1. Mark Mitchenall (@mitchenall)

    I made the mistake of thinking GP2s would be fine for my small hands on my first Brompton M2L 2016. They were OK, but really needed something a little longer. Went for GP3s on my M6L 2018, and while they’re pretty much OK, have wondered about the GP4s, and hadn’t even seen the GP5s until reading this post.

    I’m guessing they don’t affect the fold on M bars? Certainly they shouldn’t with S bars. Did you try them?


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