One year on a bike

As you (might) already know, this summer we will be cycling from Belgium to Norway, crossing 6 countries in a three week Brompton fueled trip. Our very first cycling trip ever I might add.

Are we looking forward to this? You bet we are. Do we know what these three weeks will bring? Honestly, we have no idea!

Team Small Wheels

Our summer trip in mind, Ann out of the blue bought me a marvelous book last week. Now I already heard about One Year on a bike, the book Dutch photographer / cyclist Martijn Doolaard wrote to depict his epic trip from Amsterdam to Singapore, I hadn’t actually seen it untill it was presented to me, giftwrapped and all.

What a surprise this was! I didn’t expect the book to blow me away like it did. I mean there’s just so many things going on. From enticing pictures that make you want to mount your bike and ride, to eloquently written stories that inspire to do the exact same thing (ride or write, you decide).

Marijn Doolaard bike

Every time I carefully flip through the pages of this gem it surprises me the effort that has gone into taking some of the pictures. It’s not just point and shoot photography, but well thought out shots that seem to have taken quite some planning, patience and playing with the tripod in order for the shots to come out the way they do.

Martijn Doolaard

The avid Kickstarter aficionado that I am, it’s a miracle that I missed Martijn’s initial crowdfunding project. Luckily for me, 236 other backers raising a whopping 17.839 € made sure this book became a real thing. Kudos!

Editors: Martijn Doolaard & Gestalten
Format: 24 × 32 cm
Features: Full color, hardcover, 368 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-89955-906-4
Price: 39,90 € / 60 $ / 40 £
Shop: Buy the book online

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