Barcelona Beach Ride

The beaches of Barcelona stretch all the way from the impressive W Hotel to the site of the Forum. That’s approximately 7 km of sandy beaches for you to enjoy.

If you’re looking for the ideal way to discover these beaches and their surroundings, may we suggest you use a bike*? It beats walking and when the temperature rises to a near boiling heat, a light sea breeze while cycling will definitely cool you down. Another plus is that you easily cover more ground while cycling. Planning on cycling near the beaches but not really sure which way to go? We got you covered with this easy Strava route.

Barcelona Beach Ride

Directions for this Barcelona Beach Ride are pretty straight forward. You just follow the coast line. The ride from the W Hotel to the ForumValéria’s favorite (and mine too – shouldn’t take up more than 30 minutes, depending on the stops you do. Ooh, and there’s no lack of places to stop! There’s this humongous copper whale like statue you know you want to take a picture of. And the sea, obviously you want to get as close as you can to the sea, no?

Barcelona Whale

There are loads of pubs, terraces and beach bars to be found on your way so I’m not telling you where you should or shouldn’t stop. What I can tell you however is that I had an excellent burger and fries at Bacoa Barceloneta. So there you go, if you want a decent burger, fries, the works head over there!

Bacoa Barceloneta.JPG

* There are plenty of bicycle rental services in Barcelona and some like Bikeceloning have Bromptons in their range. So if you’re into 16” wheels, you now know where to go.

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