Specialized SL4

I’ve been riding bikes my whole life. Everything from regular bikes, my sister and my granddad’s bike, a Schwinn BMX, a couple of second hand bikes, an Electra Straigh 8 cruiser, and more recently a Belgium build Achielle and my beloved Bromptons. A road bike however, was something I never owned.

Since a couple of months, I’ve been cycling with a few of my buddies. They’re riding their road bikes, and I’m the odd one of the bunch riding my illustrious small wheeled Brompton, trying to keep pace. I can tell you, the looks I get when we overtake other cyclists at + 30 km/h speed is pure gold.

We try to get out on our bikes two, maybe three times a week, all depending on our busy schedules. On our first rides we tackled anything up to 50 kilometers, but before we knew it 70 to 80 kilometer tours were the new standard with the occasional 100km ride. We’re already dreaming about 200 km rides and getting out of our comfort zones trying the more hilly parts of Belgium. And obviously, every now and then, we take a short break to enjoy Belgium’s finer beers. We’re boys after all!


To be honest, I never could have thought I’d be in to cycling as much as I am at this very moment. So why not buy myself a little something, right? Right! Presenting my new road bike, a Specialized Tarmac SL4 with a 105 group set, pretty much the exact same thing as a Tarmac SL4 Sport, but with better colors. My thoughts after 3 weeks of riding this beast? I absolutely love its smooth riding. I now cut through wind like a hot knife through butter. No longer am I the one in the back of the pack, now I give my buddies a run for their money. Love it!

Don’t get me wrong, I still adore my Brompton – three more weeks and we’re off to Oslo for our first ever epic cycling adventure – but this road bike is a nice addition to my collection of bikes. Ideal for those leisurely rides with friends where in the end, everyone wants to be the fastest and the first one on top of the bridge.

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