Look Mum No Hands!

Bicycle enthusiasts visiting London have no doubt heard of – or even visited –  Look Mum No Hands. It’s safe to say that this bicycle café / bar / workshop has pretty much ‘set the bar’ for all bike bars alike.

How convenient it was to find the Old Street * bar right around the corner of our AirBnB when we were visiting London for the Rapha Nocturne. Coincidence? I think not! So after a good night sleep, we wheeled our two folding bikes over there to indulge in some breakfast yum yums.

The sun was out so we took a seat on the terrace which is – no surprises here – covered with bikes. Poached eggs, Swedish toast with avocado, veggie sausages… what else does one need in the morning, right?


Well I’ll tell you what else one needs in the morning, a nifty new bicycle cap, that’s what. And joy, the #LMNH team has a nice collection of caps for sale. I could have gone for a vintage cap or even their patented ‘bananas’ cap, but being Belgian I think it’s obvious which cap ended up on my head, no?

And there are loads of other things for cyclists to be found in the shop, ranging from practical to must have goodies. This summer I’ll buy myself a #LMNH bidon since I happened to forgot my plain black one on the terrace when we left.

If you can’t get enough of a coffee, beer and sunshine, make sure to stop by the Look Mum No Hands pop-up near London Bridge. Think cool, cosy and definitely good for a couple of pictures. I mean who doesn’t want to sport a yellow jersey, right? Right!

* A little tip for cocktail buffs, The Gibson, a highly praised bar run by Marion Beke, is to be found just across the street. For your late night drinking bonanza, make sure to pay them a visit. That’s what we did and we didn’t regret that spur of the moment thing one bit.

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