One more week…

One more week and we part on our first ever bicycle holiday. Three weeks, four small wheels, six countries and an estimated 1200 kilometers on the bike! Combine this with a bus, two ferries, possibly a train and one airplane and that’s our transportation in a nutshell.

We’re definitely looking forward to this trip, but there’s also one question we often ask ourselves. What have we gotten ourselves into? And with good reason so it seems, ‘cause one week before our departure there are several issues we need to tackle. Most of them are of practical nature, stuff that need to be bought. And I can tell you one thing, we most certainly have our fair share of shopping to do! From a first aid kit, spare tires, lightweight soaps and stuff to bulkier items like sleeping bags and a tent if we’re unlucky.

What have we gotten ourselves into?

Team Small Wheels

Since we will be camping in Sweden and Norway, a tent is one thing you cannot do without. And mine only got shipped in the States a week ago. Keeping the time consuming custom procedures in mind  it’s not very likely that we’ll be doing any sleeping in our super cool Sunda Hammock tent. What a shame that is, ‘cause buying a second tent is just ridiculous. And to be honest, no tent is going to be as cool as the Sunda. Think of all the cool pictures we could have taken.  Luckily miracles do happen so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.


One more week… and it’s going to be a hectic one, that’s for sure! If you want to follow us on our trip, may we suggest you keep tabs on our Instagram account? Not sure if we get the chance to post many stories here while we’re away!

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