The People’s Poncho

The question we we’re asked the most since we got back from our bike trip to Norway was the following: “What was the weather like on your bike trip?” Yep, when it comes to holidays, it seems that the weather is people’s main concern.

Now we’ve been lucky enough on our trip. All in all, I don’t think we’ve worn our trendy ponchos more than two, maybe three hours. Fifteen minutes on the first day, fifteen minutes on the second day, an hour or so when leaving Copenhagen and another hour when we kissed Goteborg goodbye. But enough about the weather, let’s talk ponchos!

There is no such thing as bad weather, there’s only poor choice of clothing

Obviously we wanted to be prepared for our first ever bike trip, and yes, to a certain degree the weather – or rather bad weather – was a concern. Then again if you think about it, there is no such thing as bad weather, there’s only poor choice of clothing. What we needed to do was simple, we needed to get our hands on some bike- and rain proof gear. Presenting The People’s Poncho!

The Peoples Poncho

As you might already know, one picture on Instagram made me buy my Brompton (and another one), so it might not come as a surprise that Instagram also directed me to The People’s Poncho, a British company that provides possibly the coolest ponchos you’ve ever seen.

The Peoples Poncho packed

In all honesty, when I was a kid I hated the bright orange poncho my mum made me wear when riding my bike to school in rainy weather. But that was then, and this is now and being the style icon that I am – kidding you guys – I just couldn’t say no to this poncho. Not only because I could see me wearing it on my daily commute, but also ‘cause it looked like it could do the job on our trip. And it did!

5 things we liked about the People’s Poncho:

– Just like our Bromptons, it unfolds in no time, which is perfect when you get surprised by a sudden shower.

– The handle straps make sure the poncho fully covers your lap and stays over the handle bar of the bike.

– It’s rather compact size made it an easy fit in our backpack. One poncho weighs 380 grams.

– Talking about backpacks, you can easily wear one under your poncho. Ideal for festivals too!

– It’s made of durable material (Japanese Polyester) making it well worth the purchase. Two thumbs – or rather fists – up for the poncho!

The Peoplesponch.JPG

During our bike trip there were two times when we made use of The People’s Poncho in a slightly different way than we were supposed to. Behold our two unmistakably übercool poncho hacks:

– Beware of possible grease, but the Peoples Poncho makes a perfect rain cover for a folded Brompton if needed. Imagine a quick visit to a shop while it’s raining. It would be rude to bring a dripping wet bike inside, no? Well, use the poncho you are wearing as a rain cover for your B. Mind you, we always had an extra outside. We don’t want our Bromptons or ponchos to get stolen, now do we?!

– A packed poncho also doubles as a small pillow. A bit sturdy, but with a comfy sweater as an extra layer, I slept like a baby in my tent. You gotta love ponchos!

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