5 x Copenhagen for foodies

Those who believe I flew to Copenhagen merely to ride the Rapha Nocturne are sadly mistaken. Yes I obviously love to cycle, but deep in my core I’m also what people would call ‘a foodie’. And Copenhagen dear ladies and gentlemen is nothing short of a foodie Walhalla.

My time in lovely Copenhagen was limited to a mere three days but I did manage to visit some ace spots for food and drinks. What’s even more, I happened to do so accompanied by my trusty two wheeled sidekick Black Betty who was welcome at all 5 places. Now the polite thing to do for a foodie turned cyclist would be to share some of my favorite spots, no? If you got the munchies, keep on reading peeps!


We were at Baest earlier this summer when visiting CPH during our Belgium Norway Cycling trip but that didn’t stop me from going again. It’s just one of those places you could visit over and over again. And so I did! They’re known for their wood fired pizza, house-made artisanal cheeses and handmade charcuterie. Our advice? Try it all.


The burrata with its rich and creamy taste is absolutely to die for and the rillettes we had are from out of this world. The fact that their cheeses and charcuterie also double as grade a pizza toppings is nothing but an added bonus. You gotta love those pizzas! Since Bromptoneers don’t lock up their bikes outside, mine was more than welcome to come inside where it found shelter in a secured room. Extra credits for the vibrant atmosphere at the bar and the kickass cocktail menu.

War Pigs

If you’re into barbecue, craft beer and heavy metal, this hotspot – you can take that literally – is definitely way up your alley. War Pigs serves true American style BBQ cuts such as pulled pork, brisket, ribs and an abundance of sides to complete the experience. Here you get to order different portions of each dish so it’s really up to you. A whole lot of one thing, or a little bit of everything. And ‘a little bit’ doesn’t do the smallest portions any justice ‘cause it actually still is a rich serving.


With all that gorgeous food on your plate, don’t forget to order a nice cold brewski at the bar. Ask the bar staff for more information about the different beers – with names like ‘Frank the Tank’, ‘Totally Fucking Entombed AD’, ‘Booty Call’ or ‘Caps Lock’ it’s easy to be flabbergasted – to find the one that’s exactly right for you.

The funky bunch after the Rapha Nocturne

We visited War Pigs an hour or so after competing in the Rapha Nocturne. Thanks to Miriam & Keith for joining me in my meat devouring endeavors.

Manfreds og Vin

A trip to Copenhagen just isn’t complete without a visit to Manfreds og Vin. For our first visit, they lured us in with a the promise of an unpretentious biological cuisine combined with natural wines and we keep coming back for exactly that.

Ooh baby I like it raw, ooh baby i like it raaaw!

Ol’ Dirty Bastard

The catchphrase on their website – Manfreds, probably the world’s only veggie-focused restaurant famous for its raw meat – is absolutely spot on. There is a heavy focus on greens here, but if you leave the restaurant without having tried the their beef tartar, you are most definitely are missing out since it’s delish.


Last time we were here, Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Shimme Shimme Ya was blasting through the speakers. Ooh baby I like it raw indeed!


‘The early bird catches the worm’, a saying aptly used when talking about bakery and breakfast spot Mirabelle. If you want to secure a table for breakfast or brunch in Mirabelle without holding a reservation, it’s best to come early. Wake up to the heavenly smell of freshly baked sourdough bread, marvel at the equally fresh pastries on display and grab a coffee to start the day.


I scored a table on the terrace where I could bask in the morning sun while enjoying a well frothed cappuccino and a fresh apple juice to go with my eggs Florentine. Ooh those eggs Florentine! Runny poached eggs on sourdough toast with gooey hollandaise sauce served on a fresh baby leave spinach and thinly sliced sour apple salad. What a divine mouthful. And since we had a whole lotta cycling planned for the day, I had some chocolate chip cookies on the go. That’s how this guy rolls you know!


At the counter of Manfreds og Vin I met a soon to start Swedish American sous chef of the highly acclaimed restaurant Kadeau. We talked food, wine, beer and as it turned out we were both into Lambic and Geuze beers. With Koelschip just around the corner – Mikkeler’s tribute to Belgium’s spontaneous fermented beers like Lambic – it was an obvious choice to go here for a liquid showstopper. Or two!

Being Belgian I was given the honor to poor the beers of our choice, something I did in a way it would have made my late father proud. Sometimes one must travel to Copenhagen to discover Belgium’s finest gems. If you’re into beer all Mikkeler bars are a safe bet, but in the end most of their beers are brewed in Belgium so just go for the real deal. No regrets.


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