3 must-visit cycling bars in Oslo

If there’s one thing I do when discovering a new city by bike, it’s checking out the bicycle themed bars. You see I’m known for downing the occasional tipple and I do ride this little bike, now don’t I. Put two and two together, and you end up in top notch bicycle bars like we did in Oslo.

Here’s a little warning however! If you are on a budget, you might want to steer clear from these super-duper cycling bars. Yes, they most definitely are well worth a visit, but alcohol tends to be overly expensive in Oslo and that’s not just me understating things. If you’re happy to spend some hard earned cash on crispy pizza’s, an unexpected mescal negroni, some craft beers or hip cycling memorabilia,… then do read on!

alcohol tends to be overly expensive in Oslo and that’s not just me understating things


Our very first stop in Oslo right after we had checked ourselves (and our bikes) in, was Peloton. As the name already suggests, this place attracts a fair share of cycle minded maniacs enjoying a wide range of different beers and beverages. It was at Peloton I noticed that binging beers was not going to be an option in Oslo. I restrained myself from ordering a large pint of Belgian beer as this would probably break the bank. So I settled for a local Norwegian brew (9.5 €) which wasn’t all that bad either.

Peloton Oslo

We had been cycling since early morning so imagine the look on our faces when we discovered the pizza menu. Hungry as we were, we went for a large pizza pie each. As we waited to be served I checked out the venue and soon discovered the merchandise area, left of the DIY bicycle repair station. Since it was only our first day in the city, I decided not to go on a shopping spree and just added one cycling cap to my order. A mighty cool cycling cap nevertheless. Ooh, and the pizza you might ask? Well, probably the best pizza in town as it turns out!


Now it doesn’t really speak for itself to have a pre diner aperitif at a bike mechanics /shop like OsloVelo. Then again, OsloVelo isn’t just your average bike shop as it also doubles as a bar that serves some pretty decent cocktails. I for one was pleasantly surprised to see a mescal negroni on the menu. This smoky concoction made of three equal parts mescal, vermouth and Campari was spot on. Another thing I noticed here, was that they were selling pitchers of beer for a fairly reasonable price according to Oslo standards. If only I had known this earlier.


For those among us with a sweet tooth, they have cake and pastries. Ideal pre ride fuel if you ask me. Do keep in mind that in the after hours, the bike shop itself is closed. In our case that meant no peaking at the caps and shirts, which eventually meant more money for drinks.

Café Rouleur

If it wasn’t for its name, the top notch cycling magazines to be found in the bar, its bicycle workshop or the occasional cyclist parking his/her bike on the terrace, you would think that Café Rouleur is just another bar.

Cafe rouleur

Well, not any ordinary bar, but a stylish one where you can get your hands on some impeccable drinks. If you ask me – and you are asking me, right? – Café Rouleur shouldn’t be on just every cyclists must visit list, but on everybody’s list. Hell, even the barkeep from Oslo Vélo was having drinks here on his spare time, so give me one good reason why you shouldn’t.

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