2018 Summer plans: Berlin to Budapest

Aah, winter is definitely coming. The days are unmistakably getting shorter, the first signs of frosty nights are here, and on our recent Sunday ride all out of the blue a sneaky hail shower managed to surprise us.

So far the elements are not getting in the way of our Campina Extra Brut – our little cycling group – escapades, but nevertheless it’s getting harder to plan rides this time of year. So I just cherish every moment I spend on two wheels. And when the misses and I are not cycling, we not only like to reminisce about last summer’s cycling trip to Oslo, we also like to plan ahead. What about another mad summer cycling trip on small wheels? Hell to the yes people, let’s do it!


One country that was on our bucket list for quite some time was France. Castles, vineyards, riverbeds, the mild climate and a language we both speak… what’s not to like? A three week cycling tour through France while the pro riders are doing the exact same thing, it sure sounds appealing to me. And if only we plan things right, our paths might even cross that of the Tour the France. Imagine that!


Now we really considered this tour but we think summer might just be too hot to cycle. Not to mention the crowds of tourists that flock the different cities. So regarding our summer trip, it’s back to the drawing board. France however is not fully of the tables yet. A small trip from Lyon to Marseille still tickles my fancy, and I might even ride to Paris from my hometown in April just to commemorate the most foolish thing I did in years. And yes, that does involve the Eiffel tower!

5 countries, 5 capitals

But back to our summer holiday plans. Since cycling was such fun, we want to get out and about, explore, discover and just ride. In my wildest dreams I’ve got a big tour planned in the United States, and I would also love to cycle in Japan, but since it is only our second tour, we’ll just stick to a trip in Europe.

Without further ado, here’s what’s on the table at this very moment: Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest. That’s five countries and their capitals in a – it’s a rough guess – 1000 km cycling trip. We think this should be feasible in a three week timespan and still leave us some time to visit the different cities. Disagree? Make sure to leave us your comments as it can only improve our trip.

Berlin Budapest2

And you know what’s also great? We will still get to see castles, cycle through vineyards and alongside riverbeds. Added bonus, the trip ‘ll be cheaper than France too. Our only concern is if we’ll get to persuade the locals to tune in their television to the Belgian Red Devils World Cup matches.

Make that 6 countries and 6 capitals

The only thing he have to do to start our holiday is take a train or plane from Brussels to Berlin. So while we’re at it, we might as well cycle 80 some kilometers to Brussels to add another capital and country to the list. That is if the train / plane schedule will allow us to do so. Aah, summer… bring it on!

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