Rapha Festive 500

Sunday the 24th December once again marks the start of the Festive 500, 8 days of cycling madness in which Rapha encourages to ride 500 kilometers.

It must have been late December last year when I found out about the Rapha 500. Too late to participate – I had only been cycling since half a year – but in time to make a glorious first impression. I mean, the days between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are crammed with dinner parties, social obligations and work… where on earth does one find the time to cycle 500 kilometers?


This year, we’re hosting not one but two parties, I only have half a day off at work, but still I’ll try to ride the planned 500 kilometer, which is just a matter of priorities.

The Rides:

– I got two +100 K rides scheduled with my boys, which at best should add up to 270 kilometers. Definitely the way to get crackin’.
– There’s also a second day of Christmas Grinta ride through the Flemish Ardennes, good for another 100 kilometers.
– Where also doing a 50K lumberjack gravel ride
– My daily commutes are good for another 12 km.

That’s nearly 500 kilometers, but not quite. Luckily for me there’s four more days to ride the remaining kilometers. I’m thinking Brompton interval training and night rides with the MTB. That Festive500 roundel has got my name written all over it.

Successfully landing the Rapha 500 will also mean reaching my 7.500 km cycling goal for this year.

This year, I aimed to ride a whopping 7.500 kilometers. Not at all bad for someone who bought his first ever road bike late May and his first ever MTB early October. And guess what? So far I’ve cycled 6.998 kilometers. Successfully landing the Rapha 500 will also mean reaching my goals for the year. How’s that for motivation?


  1. Tanghe Bieke

    Wat leuk lezen, het eerste jaar dat ik begon met fietsen heb ik ook de Rapha 500 gedaan en kwam ik op een eindtotaal van 5000KM net met die 500. Vorig jaar begonnen aan de Rapha 500 in Tenerife met de EL Teide (zwaar) terug gekomen van reis en eigenlijk te veel tijd verloren met vlucht en terug in België te zijn… 2017 niet gelukt maar dit jaar ga ik er terug voor.


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