Let’s make 2018 count!

What a blast 2017 was! The goal I set for myself medio 2017, was to ride 7500 kilometers. Not all on small wheels, but on all my bikes combined. And guess what? Somehow I succeeded!

I actually still can’t believe it. Especially ‘cause I only started riding a lot after I purchased of my first ever road bike. In the month of May that was! When I think about it, the initial goal was only to cycle 3.500 kilometers! But since I made so much progress – there was that Brompton trip from Belgium to Norway, good for +1.000 kilometers – I upped the ante to 7.500 kilometers. In October I also bought a hardtail MTB, one to get me going on those rainy days. In the end, it was the Rapha Festive500 that helped me to bridge the gap between 7.000 and 7.500 kilometers. Mission accomplished!


The big question now is what 2018 will have in store for me? Well for starters, I’ve set my goals a bit higher, aiming to ride a whopping 10.000 kilometers this year. How about that! From my daily commute to our planned summer cycling trip , I’m going to make every kilometer count. I’m still figuring out a good way to do it, but the plan is to ride for a good cause this year. Cycling is heaps of fun, and if you can help others while doing so, why not give that a go, right?!

This year I’ve set my goals a bit higher, aiming to ride a whopping 10.000 kilometers.

The rides with my Campina Extra Brut homies will possibly add the most kilometers, but my daily commute should also be good for another 1.000 km or so. That is if I don’t take the shortest routes. There’s also our Brompton trip from Berlin to Budapest. I’ve yet to sort out the routes but I’m counting on uet another 1.000 kilometers.

Now the trick to keep cycling fun and fresh is to throw some cool rides in the mix. Nothing is definite yet, but I’m thinking of riding the epic Torino Nice Rally. There are vague plans to climb the Mont Ventoux and equally plans to ride from coast to coast in England. I’ll try to do some Brompton World Championship races and I also want to ride the small wheels from where I live all the way to Paris, a 400 km trip. Make no mistake about it, when it comes to cycling, 2018 sure is going to beat 2017.

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