BWC Antwerp 2018

Get your gear on ladies and gentleman, the Brompton World Championship is finally coming back to Belgium.

In order to compete in folding bike races, the last two year I had to travel abroad. I took the Eurostar to London three times, and flew to Vienna, Barcelona, Milan and Copenhagen to race my Brompton. This year however, my luck seems to have changed. Lovely Antwerp – a mere 50 km from where I live – is once again hosting the Benelux Brompton World Championship and I am stoked. Bring it on!

It’s the kind people of Fietsen De Geus – who had me over in their shop earlier this year to talk about Brompton touring – that organize this crazy little bike race on Sunday June 3rd. Mark that date in your calendars people, because a Brompton race is something you’re not likely to forget.

A Brompton race is something you’re not likely to forget!

There’s the mad dash towards the folded bikes and the odd spectacle of people dressed in fancy suits racing their small wheeled bikes. It might all be good clean fun, it still is a race so we will be flying!

BWC Barcelona 2017
BWC Barcelona 2017

Visiting Antwerp for the first time? Well, then we’ve got some good news for you. Together with Fietsen De Geus I’ll be hosting a ride (possibly more than 1) around town visiting a number of hotspots and must-sees. And being a foodie, be sure there will be a lot of options to sample fresh beer, golden fries, heavenly chocolate and kick-ass cocktails! Follow Small Wheels or Fietsen De Geus on Facebook of you don’t want to miss out.

Little over a month to go before the competition. Register here, get some exercise done and start thinking about that dashing outfit why don’t you?!

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