Hey you! Thanks a lot for visiting Small Wheels Big Adventures. The idea for this blog came to mind after having bought not one, but two Bromptons in a mere 6 month period. One for him (@sidfrisjes) and one for her (@tierlanntijntjes). Turns out these nifty little folding bikes definitely take you places.

What to expect on this blog? Well, we’re not all that sure to be honest, but we’ll see where our tiny bikes take us. Be it speedy races abroad, leisurely trips in Belgium and Holland, or the planning of a three week tour all the way from Belgium to Norway…

We’ll even try to throw some lifestyle topics and food in the mix, the occasional inspirational quote and pretty much everything else we can come up with that’s worth sharing. One thing is certain, you don’t need to be a full-fledged Bromptoneer to enjoy Small Wheels Big Adventures. The sun is out, ride on!